Our Story

kā.holo is a Hawaiian word that means nimble, swift, quick; to move fast, to progress rapidly.

The seed from which Kaholo grew came to be in 2017, when Ilan Yaniv set out to solve a huge pain he had experienced as a DevOps engineer in large companies such as Intel.

DevOps required other teams, such as development, operations and QA, to take upon themselves some of the automation tasks. This, however, created many problems: a long onboarding process, which required learning new languages and tools and resulted in unwieldy spaghetti scripts. In addition, DevOps had lost control over policy compliance, leading to security risks and waste.

Soon after, Ilan was joined by Matan Kadosh, a software engineer with a background in security. As engineers, they knew there must be a better way — and they were going to make it a reality, as they began working on what would become the Kaholo product. They were later joined by Lior Tal, a successful tech entrepreneur and CEO, and Kaholo was off to the races.

Leadership Team

Lior Tal CTO Kaholo

Lior Tal


Ilan Yaniv VP Product & Co-Founder

Ilan Yaniv

Co-Founder & VP Product

Matan Kadosh CTO & Co-Founder

Matan Kadosh

Co-Founder & CTO


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